Do You Follow Snowboard Fashion?

Snowboard fashion

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It is always a great day when you are snowboarding down the slopes. Dressing properly is an important factor in making the day awesome. Looking great is also helps to raise your self-esteem while snowboarding down the slopes. The following information will help you to decide what to wear for comfort and enjoyment while snowboarding. More often than not snowboard fashion plays an important part of your winter time fun.

Dress to Stay Dry

Nothing will ruin a day on the slopes faster than being wet. When your clothing gets soaked from the snow on the slopes, your great attitude will soon disappear. Snowboarders should wear clothing that will keep them dry. The latest styles and quality clothing will help make your journey fun.

Proper Clothing

Choosing gear that is water resistant is the best way to keep dry and warm. It is best to choose clothing to layer in order to keep from getting wet. No one likes to be miserable while snowboarding. Being cold and wet is sure to ruin your day.

Fashion is Important

Looking great on the slopes is also important. By selecting your favorite color and style, your self-esteem will enhance the mood for snowboarding.

There is a variety of brands, styles and colors to choose from. If you need boots, gloves, jackets, or any type of snowboarding accessories, there is something for you there.

Layer Up

Many snow boarders wear their clothing in layers. Choosing a moisture resistant layer is best to begin with. You wouldn’t want to wear something that will become wet and cold against your skin.


analog stanfordPicking the right snowboard jacket is the key to feeling right on your board going down a backcountry mountain. With the right peace of gear covering your upper body a little snow will never spoil your fun.

You need to stay warm and you need to stay dry. There have been a great number of techs created with that specific purpose by different brands. For snowboarding jackets I personally prefer Analog and Airblaster.

If you are looking for a well-made jacket with a tailored street style look, Analog Stanford Jacket is a great choice. This waterproof snowboard jacket has is a real pleasure to wear. Its mesh underarms allow for the body heat to get up freely so you don’t get hot. It also comes with a removable waist gaiter which helps prevent snow from hitting your back. Its four large pockets allow you to store your accessories with ease.

Snowboard Pants

Not all snowboard pants are created equal. There are many different brands and styles out there. Depending on what your personal style is, you could pick up a pair of baggy or tight fit pants, or even overalls.

Most of the snowboard pants out there are waterproof and come with a variety of features. Some of those are breathable tech and mesh lining for comfort, adjustable waistbands and snap-tabs for managing your preferred fit, large and small cargo pockets for carrying accessories.My two favorite snowboard pants so far have been Burton AK2L Cyclic.

burton ak 2l


Burton’s Gore Tex fabric essentially makes them breathable, waterproof and reliable. The taped seams and water-resistant zippers ensure that you stay dry on the slopes. Due to their narrower width, they are fairly light. Their comfortable fit allows you to easily go up or down a slope without bunching or dragging around the knees. You can easily adjust how high or low you want them to sit with the microfleece lining and adjustment tabs on the waist. Six cargo pockets allow you to carry everything you need for the day. I would highly suggest the Ak2L Cyclic to anyone.

volcom gigruf


Volcom Gigi Ruf “T.D.S” pants are my second choice after the Ak2Ls. While the great fit allows for unlimited maneuverability, V-Science boot gusset and stretch boot gaiter ensure the bottoms are always fitted to the top of your boot. Same fully taped seams and 2 layer shell and “T.D.S” ® lining ensure you stay dry and warm. I actually like the pocket design of these Volcoms a bit more. Overall, also a great pair of snowboard pants.

Head, Hands, and Feet

Do not become miserable by forgetting to cover the head, hands, and feet well. The warmer your feet and hands are, the warmer your body will feel. Cover your feet with insulated socks and good snowboarding boots. Gloves that are well insulated will keep your hands warm. Cover your head with a good insulated snow cap and protect your face with a winter face mask.

Helmets are always a good thing to have while hitting the slopes. They may not be the most fashionable peace of gear in your wardrobe, but you won’t care about that when you have something that will help protect your head from rocks, trees, icicles and other riders slamming into you at high speeds. You don’t want to be carried away on a stretcher in the middle of the fun on the slopes. Also, you could easily integrate your favorite tunes or even your phone into your helmet.

Where to Look

If you follow snowboard fashion and are looking for best discounts and deals on gear and accessories, check out our favorite online store. They have just about any top brand of snow gear you can imagine, their customer support is great, and you can’t beat the prices. Actually if you find a better price, they offer price match guarantee.

Your snowboarding experience will be so much better when you are dressed properly and look great! Have a great run on the slopes and dress properly!


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