Is the Burton NUG for You?

Burton NUG

Snowboarding is quite possibly the most awesome sport around. You can do it solo or with your friends, and it sometimes pushes you to new heights. Most snowboarders want a board that they can rely on, but they also want a board that will allow them to be flexible in their style. It’s also nice to have a snowboard which will perform well in multiple locations and conditions. The Burton NUG is a snowboarder’s snowboard. Even if you’re happy with your current board, it’s never too late to teach old dog new tricks. Anyone who is an avid snowboarder will love this board, because of its versatility as well as stability.

What are the Features of the NUG?

The main difference between this snowboard and other boards is that it’s 8 to 10cm smaller than the big boys. It is still quite fast.

This snowboard handles well, and because of the smaller size and the fact that the Squeeze Box has a thinner core straight under the bindings and then thickens right past them, it pops easily.

The famous Burton techs V-Rocker with Frostbite edges make this all-mountain board both forgivingly playful as well as ferocious. It’s great on turn initiation and handles great on uneven terrain. Preforming jumps, switches and jibbing is a pure pleasure.

You can use this board in power or compact conditions. It has a flexible core which feels like it’s been pre-ridden, giving you more reliability. It’s called the NUG because, well, it kind of looks like a nugget.

From Whence Came the NUG?

The NUG is another wonderful creation from the Burton line of snowboards. It was obviously designed by an expert, for those who want to become experts. The exact conditions under which it was created is a story for another day.

Word on the street is that the NUG was invented by Burton’s John Gerndt. This is probably why it’s such an excellent board.

What Else Should You Know About this Board?

Because of its small size, this Burton board is sometimes ridiculed as being too small to handle larger riders. This is not true, as the NUG handles big dudes like a champ.

It’s also true that bigger boards have more powder when it comes to adverse conditions on the slopes. This is not to say that you can’t put your trust in the NUG; it just opens up opportunities for different modes and styles of riding.

Is This Really the Board for Me?

If you are an avid snowboarder, then the Burton NUG may be the board for you. It’s a good all-purpose snowboard and is just pure, unadulterated fun! You could use this board as your main squeeze or as an addition to your bigger snowboards.


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