Burton Luggage Review: The Ideal Choice for Snowboarding Enthusiasts

Burton LuggageBurton luggage consists of the same top-quality construction that Burton delivers in its snowboards. Burton bags are renowned by users around the world for flexibility and efficiency.

Although Burton is synonymous with “snowboards,” they have bags and luggage suitable for all travelling needs. This article will break the types of bags into three helpful categories: Travel Bags and Luggage, Snowboarding Gear Bags, and Packs and Shoulder Bags.

To begin, let’s discuss a few of Burton’s bags that ideally suit a snowboarding enthusiast. The features and variety that Burton offers in this genre are simply unmatched – you are sure to find at least one bag to meet your particular needs and taste.

Travel Bags and Luggage

Burton Wheelie Double Deck BagBurton Wheelie Double Deck Bag

This bag is is the most popular checked bag made by Burton. It is constructed to endure heavy use during your adventures with enough room for gear to last you two weeks.

Equpped with CRAM™ stretch zippers you can be sure to fill this bag to its fullest without having trouble accessing your gear with ease. Its tough IXION™ skate wheels will ensure your maneuverability is uninhibited no matter where you need to go. The removable laundry bag, SnakeStack™ backpack attachment, EVU/TPA back pannels and telescoping comfort cush handle of the Wheelie Double Deck make it well worth its price.

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Burton Air 25 LuggageBurton Air 25 Luggage

This lightweight hard-shell travel bag is the way to go if you need to ensure the integrity of your priceless possessions. Perfect for adventurous globetrotters, this carry-on roller bag fits perfectly in the overhead compartment.

The bag’s mesh dividers and luxury plush polyester fur lining help you keep all your gear safe and neatly organized. The comfort telescoping handle and skate wheels make it easy for maneuvering on most terrains.

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Burton Drifter Roller BagBurton Drifter Roller Bag

With this bag you have an option of shape shifting this piece of luggage from a checked bag to a smaller carry on bag. Its unique expandable design allows you to choose either option with ease.

The Drifter’s external pockets and mesh dividers allow you to organize your gear any way you choose. It is also equipped with the rugged IXION™ wheels for the ease of movement on any terrain.

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Snowboarding Gear Bags

Burton Board SackBurton Board Sack for the Occasional Traveler

This bag is slim and comes with comparatively light padding yet manages to offer good protection to multiple boards. It also has organizer pockets so that all the small stuff is well placed.

This is a great bag for storing your board over the summer or if you’re just an occasional traveler.

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Burton Space SackBurton Space Sack for the Light Traveler

The Space Sack is an ideal choice if you want baseline protection for your snowboard. It comes in a simplified yet durable design and can accommodate multiple decks. It also has a removable strap, should you feel like carrying it on the shoulder.

If you are a light traveler and just intend to protect your snowboard from being damaged, this Burton luggage should be your priority. It can fit any sizes from 129 cm to 181 cm and smartly fits all types of boards including the two-door convertible.

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Burton Gig BagBurton Gig Bag for the Organized Traveller

This completely padded bag can be used for all types of travelling – planes, trains, or automobiles. It comes with adjustable organizer pockets for travelling essentials. The bag also has skate straps to add airport wheels, or your own skateboard, should you require the convenience of rolling luggage.

Although the bag looks a bit low-profile, on closer inspection you will find straps for adjusting the boards at the bottom.

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Burton Wheelie Gig BagBurton Wheelie Gig Bag for the Extreme Traveller

The Wheelie Gig Bag offers complete padded protection for multiple boards. It comes with baggage-handler-proof construction along with IXION™ wheels that makes easy rolling possible. The complete profile of the bag is travel friendly and streamlined.

It is constructed from 600D bomber polyester material. This padding is soft, yet strong, so that all of your boards can be carried without being damaged. The bag is available in multiple colors and can accommodate any board between 146 cm to 181 cm.

burton_wheelie_lockerBurton Wheelie Locker for the Globetrotting Traveller

This is one of the biggest board bags from Burton luggage -you can organize a complete shop in it! It comes with room for all your gear… quiver, helmet, outerwear etc. It also comes with deployable gear bags for convenience. It has a legendary roomy size (it can also accommodate removable bindings and boots). Rolling this bag is easy as it comes with skate wheels and a comfort Cush telescoping handle.

With all this information, it will now be easier to choose the right kind of luggage when planning your next snowboarding trip. Make sure to check all the details before the final selection.

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