Burton Custom Flying V: Is It the Board For You?

The Burton Custom Flying V just so happens to be the top selling snowboard in the world! Not only that, but it is made by the number one selling brand in the world, Burton, which also happens to be the maker of the first commercially produced snowboard ever. Phew! As you can see, Burton is all about setting precedents. And with the 2014 Custom Flying V, the company continues to defy conventional wisdom by adding even more tech to an already outstanding board.

What’s Under the Hood?

Lightning Bolts is a Burton branded snowboard tech that adds extra control for a more responsive board. Energy strands radiate outward from under the riders feet to make the board more responsive without making it stiffer. Frostbite edges allow for great edge hold on harder, icy terrain, while still playful on softer surfaces.  Squeezebox is another Burton branded snowboard technology that comes new with the 2012 version. Squeezebox technology allows for a greater energy transfer and a quicker energy transfer. This is what gives the board it’s “pop” and makes for fantastic ollies.

 Burton Custom Flying V

The Burton Custom Flying V comes with a medium flex (a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10), allowing you to ride well on just about every part of the mountain. In addition, Burton’s Infinite Ride technology, makes it so your ride feels (and is) broken in from your first day of riding it. The Flying V also delivers a surprising amount of snap and pop. The Flying V hybrid profile offers rocker float and playfulness, while the Super Fly II tech uses lighter and stronger woods to increase pop and strength.

Who is Custom Flying V for?

This is an all mountain board with an emphasis on playfulness and a touch of camber for those who crave stability. The Flying V is meant for intermediate to advanced users, as it’s a bit too rigid for beginners. Designed for a variety of terrain, this is a performance all rounder. It is meant to deliver a fun laid back experience no matter where you go. Because of this emphasis on an “all around” experience you won’t find the same speed as a Barracuda or the insane pop of a Custom X. Nonetheless, there is a reason this board is the top selling board of all time. It consistently delivers a fun experience while keeping the rider in control.

The playfulness of this board cannot be overstated. This is a true rocker board designed with all easy going, laid back, humans in mind. The Burton Custom Flying V is easily the most playful board of the entire Burton lineup. If you don’t have a mile wide grin on your face after coming down the mountain on this board, it’s time for a new hobby, like being an extra on The Walking Dead.

Burton’s evolution as a brand translates into some of the best snowboards around. It’s no secret that the Custom Flying V has been consistently used by pros as a fundamental part of their game for well over two decades. Riders like Mikkel Bang and Mads Josson has dramatically changes their game thanks to this  gem. The truth is, this is the board that everyone should have in their arsenal. Whether you’re looking to destroy the park or the powder, the Flying V offers seamless transitions from one terrain to another, all in one day.

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