Burton Bullet: Perfect for Big Foot

Burton Bullet

All-mountain freestyler with a big foot? The search for a board that works for you ends right now! The Burton Bullet snowboard is here to feed your appetite for gliding through the snow and yes, it delivers exactly what it is designed for!

Sticking with the basics of any wide snowboard, this model is lightweight while staying livelier and more responsive than many of its peers. The real treat comes in with its wooden core stretching from tip-to-tail.

If you find yourself tagged as a beginner or an intermediate rider, you aren’t out of luck! The Burton Bullet is the perfect wide snowboard you have been hunting for because it is forgiving, floats better and is catch-free.

 Burton Bullet Specs You’ll Love

Designed for all-mountain riding conditions, the Burton Bullet wide snowboard boasts a directional shape with slight tapering at the tail, continuous rocker camber profile and set-back stance. The continuous rocker, or the V-rocker, delivers peak-to-park improved flotation. To enhance the catch-free playfulness, the V-rocker is placed right between the feet, as well as tip and tail of the snowboard.

With its soft and perfectly symmetrical flex from tip to tail, Burton Bullet is designed for powder flotation, freestyle forgiveness and perfect balance – while still reserving some room for catch-free tricks!

Wondering whether it can perform in icy hard pack mountain terrains? Yes, this boy has it all covered. With a slant-wall construction, this snowboard really holds well on such terrains and even resists damages!

The tail is 3-6mm tapered, which gives better pow-flotation. Its nose is slightly longer than its tail allowing raising of the tip and dropping of the tail slightly into the snow.

Under the Hood of the Burton Bullet

The Burton Bullet wide snowboard features Burton’s classic Fly Core. It is a wooden core stretching all the way from tip to tail. The Fly Core never seems to go out of improvements chamber in terms of strength, pop, flex and feel.

Adding to the strength are the Biax™ Fiberglass laminates that are known for being forgiving with low-torsional flex and for being jib-friendly. The base is made of low-maintenance, but extremely durable, material that consists of 40% recycled material.

Moving to the edges, Burton just pumped in the Cruise Control Edge Tune technology. This technology teams up with the continuous rocker to help with progression while keeping the edges off the snow.

 Who is the Burton Bullet For?

This wide snowboard is not designed to cater to the needs of advanced and expert riders. It is designed for helping beginners and intermediate riders to improve their skills.

And remember, the Burton Bullet will especially attract you if you have larger-than-average feet!

The Burton Bullet is way better than other wide snowboards available on the market for beginners and intermediate riders. Its soft flex and Cruise Control technology gives riding on the powder a sheer pleasure with unmatched control.


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