Burton Luggage Review: The Ideal Choice for Snowboarding Enthusiasts

Burton LuggageBurton luggage consists of the same top-quality construction that Burton delivers in its snowboards. Burton bags are renowned by users around the world for flexibility and efficiency.

Although Burton is synonymous with “snowboards,” they have bags and luggage suitable for all travelling needs. This article will break the types of bags into three helpful categories: Travel Bags and Luggage, Snowboarding Gear Bags, and Packs and Shoulder Bags.Continue Reading

Burton Bullet: Perfect for Big Foot

Burton Bullet

All-mountain freestyler with a big foot? The search for a board that works for you ends right now! The Burton Bullet snowboard is here to feed your appetite for gliding through the snow and yes, it delivers exactly what it is designed for!

Sticking with the basics of any wide snowboard, this model is lightweight while staying livelier and more responsive than many of its peers. The real treat comes in with its wooden core stretching from tip-to-tail.Continue Reading

Is the Burton NUG for You?

Burton NUG

Snowboarding is quite possibly the most awesome sport around. You can do it solo or with your friends, and it sometimes pushes you to new heights. Most snowboarders want a board that they can rely on, but they also want a board that will allow them to be flexible in their style. It’s also nice to have a snowboard which will perform well in multiple locations and conditions. The Burton NUG is a snowboarder’s snowboard. Even if you’re happy with your current board, it’s never too late to teach old dog new tricks. Anyone who is an avid snowboarder will love this board, because of its versatility as well as stability.Continue Reading

Do You Follow Snowboard Fashion?

Snowboard fashion

Photo by bobaliciouslondon from Flikr

It is always a great day when you are snowboarding down the slopes. Dressing properly is an important factor in making the day awesome. Looking great is also helps to raise your self-esteem while snowboarding down the slopes. The following information will help you to decide what to wear for comfort and enjoyment while snowboarding. More often than not snowboard fashion plays an important part of your winter time fun.Continue Reading

5 Best Snowboard Brands on The Market

best snowboard brands

Deciding which snowboard to buy can be a pretty daunting task, most especially with the wide variety of choices being offered in the market today. Selection can be more confusing because of different factors such as board graphics, technology, enticing advertisements, and the like. What are the best snowboard brands to look into, you may ask…

To help you resolve this dilemma, it’s best to draw out from these top 5 snowboard brands and evaluate which one offers you great quality snowboards that best fit your riding preferences.Continue Reading