5 Best Snowboard Brands on The Market

best snowboard brands

Deciding which snowboard to buy can be a pretty daunting task, most especially with the wide variety of choices being offered in the market today. Selection can be more confusing because of different factors such as board graphics, technology, enticing advertisements, and the like. What are the best snowboard brands to look into, you may ask…

To help you resolve this dilemma, it’s best to draw out from these top 5 snowboard brands and evaluate which one offers you great quality snowboards that best fit your riding preferences.



Burton Snowboards, named after its founder Jake Burton Carpenter, is the most recognizable snowboard brand worldwide. This Vermont-based company was founded in 1977 and helped to get snowboarding be recognized as a sport. They are the pioneer of snowboarding designs. They first created the Backhill – a narrow board with a rope and handle attached to the nose, and with single strap bindings. Today, Burton offers freestyle and all-mountain snowboards that cater all genders, all ages, and all skill levels. It also offers a variety of skiing and snowboard clothing, bags and luggage, and other gear.

Burton has advanced its technology with the use of the Burton Infinite Channel System (ICS) that allows snowboard bindings to be mounted and customized according to the preferences of the individual rider. The ICS permits stance, stance width, stance angles, and binding stance to be considerably adjustable to let the individuals discover and experience their snowboarding potential.

The Custom Flying V and the Custom X are among their top boards that a lot of pros have adopted. If you’re not a pro, you can surely find the right Burton board for you among other models like the Bullet, Blunt, Clash, Easy Living, NUG, and many others.

Apart from boards, Burton also offers binding, boots, outerwear, clothing and accessories. Being the leader in snowboard technology, this brand pushes the limits with regards to design, innovation, worldwide contests, research and development, and customer care.

Lib Tech

Lib Tech

Lib Technologies is based in Sequin, Washington and is one of the three snowboard brands from Mervin Manufacturing.

Lib Tech is the combined energy of more than 30 years of board riding and building. Each year, their experimental team manually builds new constructions, shapes, contours, flexes and bends, and incorporates new materials. When the fresh snowboards are done, their Pros do hands-on testing, fine tuning and refining to ensure that they deliver quality boards.

At times, the brand has radical concepts like that of the revolutionary Skate Banana snowboard which was introduced in 2006, and the Magne-Traction Serrated edges in 2002 that allows snowboards to hold in icy conditions.

One of their recent innovations is the high performance XC2 camber rocker combination that included subtle banana rocker contours, allowing energy input and bio mechanical control.

You can check out more about Lib Tech on their official website.

 Never Summer Industries

Never Summer

Never Summer is another great snowboard brand established in Denver, Colorado and have been producing snowboards for the past 19 years. They gather immediate design feedback by testing their boards in the Colorado backcountry or at the ski resorts near the factory. On demo days, they allow potential customers to freely try out their boards and give their comments regarding the product.

What sets Never Summer apart from all other snowboard brands is the three year warranty on all of their decks. This just proves that even though their building techniques and materials produce light snowboards, the quality or technology invocation is not compromised.

Combined with the Vario Power Grip, Never Summer offers decks with solid performance in the park, powder, and stability at speed.

Check them out at www.neversummer.com.



GNU Snowboards, a Marvin Manufacturing snowboard brand, was created by Mike Olson in the early 1980s. The brand is best known to be the pioneer of deep, carving sidecuts.

GNU uses Banana Technology (BTX), Magne-Traction, and C2 Power Banana Technology that allow intermediate and expert snowboard riders to experience performance riding.

One of their bestsellers is the GNU Park Pickle, which has deeper heelside sidecut that allows easier heelside turns. The Park Pickle for men was chosen as a winner in the 2011 TransWorld Snowboarding Good Wood Board Test, while the ladies’ version was chosen as 2011 Snowboard Magazine Platinum Pick.

You can find their uber-colorful official website here.

K2 Snowboarding

As a company, K2 has been around for more than 50 years. But by the year 1994, they began making snowboards. For more than two decades, they have established the industry standard for manufacturing supremacy and technical innovation. The company is based in Seattle, and it continues to build award-winning, quality and affordable snowboards. However, they do not only offer snowboards, they also sell boots, bindings, goggles, helmets, clothing, bags and backside tools.

These are the five best snowboard brands in the market today. With the right information, you are now equipped to choose accordingly the snowboard that would match your riding style, with the consideration of its durability and performance.

Check them out there site, blog and products at their official site.

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