Burton Custom X: Can You Handle It?

For aggressive riders, the Burton Custom X  is to snowboarding what “The Rock” is to wrestling. The Custom X is bold, uncompromising, and raises the bar for what a snowboard should and can deliver. This is an elite board for expert riders. Have no doubts, if you’re a rider who is deliberate and exhibits good form, this board will take your game to the next level. It has been labeled by many top snowboarders as the best all-mountain board around.

Consider yourself warned – this board  is a beast! It is NOT playful or unforgiving.

Burton Custom XTip: If you think you need a board similar to this one, but not as aggressive and not as stiff, check out the Burton Custom Flying V. Unlike the Custom X, it is not a full-chambered board.

A Little About The Burton Custom X Specs

Burton Custom X 152 - Men's

Burton Custom X 152 – Men’s

Although the Custom X can be used in any environment, it’s at its best in the pipe or on steeper, more challenging terrain.

This snowboard has been redesigned to include a Squeezebox profile, allowing for strategically targeted snap and stability that gives you more, while working less.

The chamber distributes weight evenly over the board for smooth, continuous edge control. On the rails and bindings, the grains of the wood have been turned perpendicular, creating a stiffer and more responsive ride.

A lightweight Carbon I Beam rides up the board’s spine to give the rider even more control. This board can rip turns no matter how fast you are going, allowing for the best jumps and rolls.

It comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Burton Custom X 156 - Men's

Burton Custom X 156 – Men’s

The Custom X is all about response, response, response… seriously, folks, this is the Ferrari of snowboards. It has been fine-tuned to provide riders with an unprecedented level of control, while giving the rider incredible speeds.

The Burton Custom X offers great edge hold and power transfer plus fantastic initiation on steeper terrain. You can’t get away with being sloppy with this board as you will get bucked all over the place.

Although this snowboard is amazing on steeper terrain it is a bit sluggish and somewhat unimpressive on more gradual terrain.

Tip: This board is tuned more for bigger people. If you’re a smaller rider, you’re going to need a flawless riding technique in order to maximize this board.

The Burton Team

Burton Custom X 160 - Men's

Burton Custom X 160 – Men’s

Burton was founded in 1977 and built the world’s first snowboarding factory. Since then it has become the largest snowboarding brand in the world. It is a well-recognized brand you can count on to deliver quality products. Besides their awesome snowboards, they also have their lines of clothing, luggage and bags, and all kinds of snow gear.

In addition,  Burton sponsors its own team of riders. The  Custom X snowboard is the go-to board for team riders Kazu Koukubo and Freddi Kalbermatten. They rely on the on this precise, powerful, and lightweight ride to slay 22-foot super-pipes and mammoth-sized back country features alike.

If you’re looking for a board that offers unrivaled speed and insane pop, this is the only board you should be considering. The Burton Custom X is stiff and fast and enjoys universal recognition for being the board of the pros. Whether you’re looking to slay some hard-pack or go hard on a super-pipe this board delivers. It’s not hard to understand why Kazu Kokubo called it the “best board” he’s ever used. It will take you further and faster than you’ve ever dreamed of going.

Burton Custom X Wide 159 - Men's

Burton Custom X Wide 159 – Men’s

If you’re looking to tame the beast, look no further.

Check out the snowboard sizing chart

Push the limits with this best of the best riding machine. If you have not been on this awesome board before, do what you have to: rent, borrow, buy,.. whatever. Burton Custom X will not disappoint.